KBS Equipment

Our Equipment

At KBS Mackay Earthmoving Coffs Harbour we understand it take several things to get the job done right every time. While our state of the art equipment is fitted with GPS we also understand it takes a little bit more to deliver the perfect project.

Modern Day Excavation

Alongside the right heavy machinery, in todays world having the right tech is invaluable. We have GPS Tracking Depth and width control systems and level controls to make your project a success. This world class tech and our decades of experience is what makes KBS the right choice to help you achieve your needs. 

Fully automated level control ensuring full flow
Depth and width accuracy is paramount when trenching
Level and fall for drainage is key to the project success
Millimetre level perfection scrapping
Our Equipment

7 Tonne Excavator

13 Tonne Excavator

15 Tonne Excavator

D5K Dozer

Spray Tractor

Multiple 22.5 Tonne Tippers

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