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KBS Mackay Earthmoving Contractors in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas can help you build access roads to sites on either new or existing developments.  We have all the earthmoving equipment necessary to professionally clean up, level or tier and clear sites of large or small trees, existing or remaining stumps and scrub. 

Getting it all ready for your work such as:

  • subdivisions
  • major roadworks
  • domestic
  • commercial driveways
  • backyard above ground or in-ground swimming pool excavation.

KBS Mackay’s Earthmoving equipment includes trucks, bulldozers and excavators.  These machines are all fitted with the necessary accessories needed to prepare drainage, sediment control and containment. This includes cross-filling drains.  KBS Mackay Earthmoving can create drains that run across hills to slow down water flow and help to prevent erosion.

Renato Barbieri
Renato Barbieri
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Sam & Ben provided us with top quality work and advice on farm earthworks (dam building, farm shed pad). Aside from being experienced operators, Sam & Ben were conciencious about the activities being performed and ensured that the high quality works were performed on time by themselves and their dedicated team. We strongly recommend KBS Mackay
Our Services


Our team has many years experience in designing and building farm dams, being third and fourth generation farmers in addition to our Earthmoving business. We build erosion control dams, sediment control dams and install drainage that will maximise your water catchment.



Our Coffs Harbour team has trucks, excavators and bulldozers which can professionally build any type or length of driveway.

We form driveways suitable for surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, asphalt or gravel. Because the earthmoving machinery we use is equipped with all the necessary fittings we can also professionally build storm water drainage if required.


Farm Preperation

Our team clear vegetation in preparation for farming and agricultural enterprises. You can be assured that the KBS Mackay team know plenty about farming and setting up farms.

We have our roots in the local Coffs Harbour banana industry, being third and fourth generation Coffs Harbour farmers originally with bananas and dairy cattle and currently with blueberries and beef cattle.  To assist you in setting up your farm, we use the latest machinery operated by fully trained and experienced drivers.

We offer cost effective, quality solutions that will help you set up irrigation systems and agricultural drainage. At KBS Mackay Earthmoving we have bulldozers, excavators and tip trucks to build dams, provide erosion and sediment control. Our team construct your farm roads, greenhouse pads, hot-house pads and blueberry mounds.


Land Clearing

Our skilled team can clear all types vegetation on all types of landscapes. The excavators, bulldozers and tip trucks we use can clear small regrowth shrubs and grass lands as easily and professionally as dense bush lands with tall timber growth and under bush.

Our fully trained and qualified operators can clear fence lines, remove trees, tree stumps, lantana as well as clearing all types of noxious weeds cost effectively and efficiently.  You will be safe in the knowledge that our professional earthmoving experts will have your land cleared, neat and tidy in the shortest time possible.

House and Site Cuts

At KBS Mackay Earthmoving we can remove excess material off site from your house cut. Our team has years of experience in all types of house cuts. We can supply extra material to site using their tip trucks, excavators and bulldozers if necessary. We will cut and fill your house cut.

We use laser levels to ensure that your house cut will be at exactly the level required according to your house plans. Our highly trained operators can put a fall across a house site to any percentage required.  You know you are in safe hands when you call KBS Mackay Earthmoving  to do your house cuts.


Other Services

Blueberry Mounds

We form and shape blueberry mounds to all sizes and widths. Our team can clear existing vegetation and prepare your soil for mounding. We'll use shallow or deep rippers on their bulldozers depending on your soil structure.



At KBS Mackay Earthmoving we'll provide trenching for all types of services such as electrical conduits, telecommunication conduits, plumbing trenches, storm water drainage. We can construct trenches to any length, depth or width.

Pipeline Construction

We are proficient in all aspects of pipeline construction. We proudly use the most up to date modern machinery to construct storm water, sewer mains, water mains and Ag drains. Our team has the experience and knowledge to be able to work off engineered plans or lay pipelines to suit the layout of the land.


Road Construction

Our KBS Mackay Earthmoving Contractors in Coffs Harbour will construct your roads. We have the knowledge and experience to work off plans or advise you on the best position to build your road. Our team will box out unsuitable material to a decent sub-base and incorporate cross fall and existing drainage.

Testimonials & Customers

Delivering in good old fashioned service for over 30 years!

Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards
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AMAZING! 3hrs after my initial call the boys were inspecting my job, they provided me with an on the spot maximum cost. Less than 48hrs later the job was completed and came in well under their initial maximum cost. It was a complex cut that was executed with precision. I would recommend these boys to anyone. Thank you, I am one very happy customer.
Yvette Norton
Yvette Norton
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Cant thank these guys enough for the job they did on our driveway. . They were prompt professional and held their word by turning up and completing the job when agreed ..these guys guys are extremely reliable and very reasonably priced!!! Keep the money in our town and use reliable locals you wont be sorry
Adam James Wood
Adam James Wood
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You can't go past the lads at KBS Mackay. Any work you need done, big or small, these are the guys to call.
Matt Walls
Matt Walls
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If you ever need any earthmoving done then you need to ring the guys at KBS. Absolute legends. Prompt, professional, friendly and they do an awesome job..
KBS customer lendlease
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