KBS Mackay Earthmoving Contractors in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas will clear vegetation in preparation for farming and agricultural enterprises. You can be assured that the KBS Mackay team know plenty about farming and setting up farms.

KBS Mackay Earthmoving have their roots in the local Coffs Harbour banana industry, being third and fourth generation Coffs Harbour farmers originally with bananas and dairy cattle and currently with blueberries and beef cattle.  To assist you in setting up your farm, KBS Mackay Earthmoving use the latest machinery operated by fully trained and experienced drivers.

KBS Mackay Earthmoving offer cost effective, quality solutions that will help you set up irrigation systems and agricultural drainage. KBS Mackay Earthmoving have bulldozers, excavators and tip trucks to build dams, provide erosion and sediment control. KBS Mackay Earthmoving will construct your farm roads, greenhouse pads, hot-house pads and blueberry mounds.