KBS Mackay Earthmoving Contractors in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas love all things Blueberry. KBS Mackay Earthmoving will form and shape blueberry mounds to all sizes and widths.  KBS Mackay Earthmoving will clear existing vegetation and prepare your soil for mounding.  KBS Mackay Earthmoving will use shallow or deep rippers on their bulldozers depending on your soil structure.

KBS Mackay Earthmoving have highly qualified and fully trained operators driving their excavators, bulldozers and tippers used to form and shape your blueberry roads to suit your blueberry block.  KBS Mackay have all the latest machinery to trench for irrigation and matting. KBS Mackay offer cost effective solutions in designing, preparing and creating your blueberry farm.

KBS Mackay Earthmoving are very much a part of the blueberry landscape in the Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas. KBS Mackay Earthmoving’s many years experience of farming both banana and blueberries provides you with the security of knowing you have a team of experts on hand to assist you with your blueberry farming ideas.