KBS MACKAY has been contracted by Coffs Harbour City Council to help in the construction  and completion of the numerous links on the new Re-Use Sewer Line which will run from Coffs Harbour to Woolgoolga. This is a complex and detailed job which will require the full expertise of the KBS MACKAY Earthmoving team and the superior earthmoving equipment operated by KBS MACKAY.

This work is scheduled to begin within the next 2 months and should commence in late June or early July. KBS MACKAY will be engaging their 12 tonne excavator complete with its 450, 900 and 1500 buckets. The 12 tonne excavator and its range of buckets gives KBS MACKAY the versatility to undertake and complete the necessary work in the minimum amount of time with the maximum amount of professional attention to detail.

KBS MACKAY will also use their compaction wheel and ripper tines on their 12 tonne excavator. The compaction wheel will assist in the backfilling process so that the ground won’t sink or subside.  There can be no movement in the soil once the job is completed so KBS MACKAY Earthmoving will use the ripper tines to soften hard ground so that the 12 tonne excavator buckets can dig and move large amounts of earth to create the drains as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Once the pipes have been laid in the drains by KBS MACKAY Earthmoving soil will be compacted by the compacting wheel so that the ground is hard to prevent any moisture or water softening the ground.