Commencing in June following completion of the Associates Championships, work will be undertaken by KBS MACKAY to refurbish the 14th hole. KBS MACKAY will install a new drainage line after filling in the existing inadequate drain.

KBS MACKAY will use their excavators, bulldozers and tip trucks to fill in the old drain and dig in the new drain. KBS MACKAY will be using a 12 tonne excavator with a laser level and bucket.  The 12 tonne excavator is fitted with a laser and bucket which will ensure the new drainage line has the precise water flow. The pipes laid by KBS MACKAY’s excavator will have the exact gradient required to have the new drain working in perfect order.

A new dam will be created by KBS MACKAY to further improve the 14th hole.  This is great news for local and visiting golfers. The positioning of the new drain and removal of the old drain means players will  no longer have the drain in their minds when hitting off from the 14th tee.  The big hitters of the club will be able to easily hit over the drain.

The new positioning of the drain by KBS MACKAY will also really suit the older golfers who aren’t such long hitters.  By moving the drain it will come into play from the first shot off the 14th tee. The new dam will assist with drainage on the 12th, 13th and 14th holes. KBS MACKAY Earthmoving will use bulldozers, excavators and tippers to excavate and form the dam which will be located on the 14th hole. The dam, as well as providing the vital drainage required on the 3 holes, will come into play for golfers on the 14th hole on their 2nd and 3rd shots. This will make for a challenging and interesting new look and feel for this previously unattractive hole.